It was a Wednesday  evening and I was returning from school. It had rained a few  hours before and everywhere was very wet the ground was very muddy and quiet slippery. I continued walking, making sure to keep steady so that I didn’t fall. I reached the bank of a large mass of water that had been created as a result of the rain. I watched as those in front me rolled up their trousers and skirts and waded through the brown water in order to get to the other side. As I removed my sandals and put it in my  bag I noticed an old woman who was standing in front of the brownish looking water with her walking stick in her hand. The other people around had completely ignored her. I don’t know why but I felt that I must help her. So I drew closer to her and told her I would help her across. She declined saying that she had called her son who would be there in a few minutes. The rain had began drizzling again and it was clear that it was going to get harder. I managed to convince her to climb on my back so I could carry her across . She took my bag off my bag swung it on her back and got on my back. With her walking stick in my hand and with the help a young woman, I managed to get across. I ended up carrying her to her house which was close by . The moment we got there  a young man came out. He was probably the old woman’s son who she had talked about earlier. He apologised and thanked me profusely and put a GHS 10 note in my hand.

I had totally forgotten about this until I was invited for an interview at one of the reputable banking companies in the country. The man leading the interview asked me if I remembered him. I told him I had forgotten .He said “I didn’t forget”. Then he went on to remind me of what I had done for his mother those years ago. Long story short, I got the job not because I was overly qualified but because of the good deed I had done some years back .It is true that good deeds are always rewarded.


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