Author’s Note: The state of pollutions of our waters are heart breaking.The last time I went to the beach(a lot of years ago).It was like a dump(I’m totally serious .I saw actual faeces on the beach).It’s a shame there hasn’t been much change.Here is something I wrote about our seas and how we treat them.

               THE OCEANS OF US.

In the middle of the ocean lives parts of us

You, me and them

But the dirt the faeces and the plastics

It suffocates us,  it strangles us 

And those parts of us die

And we die. And we cease to exist.

Right where the waves gather

For their timely meetings is where we sink.

For the waves are proof of our selfishness, our hate, our indifference, our shame

For only the waves know. They are proof of our existence ; good or bad.

And they will tell him What He already sees

He who promises to destroy those who destroy his earth.

Ps: Last line makes reference to Revelation 11 : 18.(Even Jehovah cares about pollution.).You should too.


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