Authors Note: Hey! Hope all is well.It turns out Im getting a degree in Adult Education and Human resource Studies with a minor in Psychology


You could always tell the state of Kwame’s relationships from the state of  his bedroom. When the relationship was new and things were moving on smoothly, his room was just right, an orderly mess of sorts. Then something would happen between him and his girl and they would fight and begin drifting apart. That’s the time you would see his bedroom slowly transform into a huge dump; underwear and socks strewn about, the rancid smells of unwashed clothes, bowls filled with black mould and cockroaches playing small poles, sticky phlegm on the carpet  . After all his girl’s visits would always end in the hall. So it didn’t really matter to him the state of his room. Then they would have the talk. It would appear like the relationship is getting back on track. Like they were gluing their slowly cracking hearts back together. The unwashed clothes would be washed, the phlegm would stop. Then a week later, one of those rare fight scenes would come. It means he really liked this girl. The fight would be epic, neighbours would have to intervene. Then the relationship would end .Then the cleanup would begin, as if cleaning his room would help him clean out his crushed heart, ridding it of any affection for his former lover. With  Clothes, carpets and bowls washed and his room now smelling like a ward of a hospital , he would begin to heal. The healing never took more than two weeks. A five-day work leave, video games, visits from his friends, beer, more beer, then he would return. The pre-relationship carefree Kwame would return. He would get his laptop get to an online dating site , go to the nearest club or let one of his friends set him up with his next true love .From there, the cycle would begin again.


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