A MOSAIC OF TORN PLACES : AN ANTHOLOGY.

Authors Note : This is my second attempt at a review. Hope you enjoy this.

This is an anthology published by brittle paper. Brittle Paper is one of the leading blogs on the continent. They love African Writing and their efforts to promote African fiction and writers is simply awe inspiring.Visit them here . The anthology contains ten short stories from Nigerian writers. I must say most of these stories were difficult to read because they left me feeling sad. A major them running through is loss. The loss of a sanity, love, mother, friends, wife, hope. The pdf. of the anthology is free for download here.Below are a summary of these stories and my thoughts.


The first story is a rather strange one. A young boy follows two mysterious men, one looking for Cartwright avenue and the other who believes the first has money. He ends up losing parts of his sanity recovering days later.

STABS & ROSES by Collins Prime

“When your wings are strong be sure to carry someone special on them” After many failed relationships the protagonist meets Kemy and it looks like she’s the one. Until he makes a heartbreaking discovery.

TUCKED TALE by Emitomo Tobi Nimisire

A girl tells of the loss of a grandfather and the reality of death

BROKEN by Dhee Sylvester

“A woman unable to have children s worse than a boy in a useless man’s body”. An angry frustrated childless couples struggles to cope whilst blame each other

THE NEW VOICES by Aito Osemegbe Joseph

How the loss of a mother affects a daughters sanity. I liked the deceptive nature of this story.


ROLLER COASTER by Faderara Olaretan

A cheating husband decides to leave his wife for his mistress. She gives him the most appropriate answer when he suggests it her to marry him.


This story is very poetic. A Seafarer returns to Nigeria after many years to see his wife and kid only to die a rather nasty death.


WITHOUT LOVETH by Ife Olujuyigbe

The loss of a mother and wife and coming to terms with fatherhood. I liked the rawness of emotion in this story. Sometimes real men cry too.


This Story inspires the title. It’s a mystery. A ghost murderer. A congregation of sinners and a boys sanity. And a villains desire to write a good book.


BLOOD & BONES by Caleb Somtochukwu Okereke

The ending story for me was the best. The memories of a soldier the loss of his friends. This story tackles military religious extremism, trauma and the humanness of soldiers. It’s the only story that has a happy ending of some kind.



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