Author’s Note: This post is inspired by a poem I found in my S.H.S exercise books(Back when I thought poems were about rhyming).

PS: This post is dedicated to you, the first person to comment on my blog. Enjoy!


When in a dark place people always tell you to hold , to keep on because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel blah blah…I disagree. The so called light isn’t at the end of any tunnel. It is within you. All you have to do is make it shine it brighter. The light is in everyone some deeper than others. Some have it just beneath their skin such people are light hearted and smile and laugh and carefree and confident. Anything and everything makes their light brighter ; Me , you, love, hate, fear, God, family. Others have their light a little deeper on the borders of the darkness such people alternate between happy-sad, light heartedness-cold, frowns-smiles. They struggle to stay in the light or settle in the darkness. Some things like children, pain, stars, lovers ,challenges, books make their light brighten. Other times these same thing plunge them into the darkness. These are the people who we find abundant among us. The average Ghanaian. Then we have the ones like us. Those whose lights are deep within in the middle of the black darkness. The light threatens to die out due to everything and anything; Societal pressure, lies, self hate, abuse ,conformity ,the hardship of creativity. Their light to me is one of the most precious things in the universe. After all rare things, in this case beings, are always precious.

When we tell them that the light is at the end of some tunnel we somehow tell them they deserve to suffer like it’s something they can’t do anything about until the darkness decides to leave by itself. How about we tell them that its true life has its ups and downs but the power is in their hands. Its within them. The light isn’t in some deep dark rusty stinking tunnel. The light is them; in their hearts, in their mind, in their acquaintances, in family. The only thing they have to do is find the switch and increase the brightness of the light .All they have to do is find what makes their light brighten ; Jehovah, Family, Love ,Me, Books, Stars, You, Children, Sand, Mentors anything. They have to take a risk. The risk. Be unafraid. Trust. Jump. Fall. Speak These things can help turn the light to its maximum brightness. They won’t have to wait for some light at the end of some stupid tunnel. They can make their own light and simply blast the so-called tunnel to smithereens.


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